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Commercial asphalt maintenance:
• sealing or micro-surfacing
• polymer modified crack fill
• pothole patch or repairs
• parking lot pavement markings
• affiliated reconstruction services
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These guys really know what they are doing. Not only did they get the job done, but they did so within an excellent timeframe that met my budget. I will recommend Kernan Asphalt Sealing to anyone in need.
James Roberts
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Kernan Asphalt Sealing Inc.
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Sealing • Maintenance • Construction Services

There are several cost benefits to seal coating asphalt in addition to the ecstatic value of curbside appeal. Application of an emulsion is used as a preventive maintenance function. The purpose is to protect the pavement against damage caused by friction, salt or other abrasives such as oil and gasoline. Sealing also provides a protective barrier against the harmful effects of moisture penetration and UV rays. All will accelerate a breakdown in the asphalt binders. These together are the leading cause of pavement failures. Addressing the failure mechanisms in a timely manner increases the useful life of any asphalt. More importantly keeping your pavements in original performance mode relieves liability. Potholes, skid resistance, polishing, wash boarding is terminology sometimes associated with the legal profession. A no win situation when it comes to you the owner. Whether sealing or micro surfacing it’s time to keep your asset from becoming a liability.

The Process

Kernan Asphalt Sealing is a 10 year plus old company dedicated to providing a cost effective solution for your pavement maintenance needs. Our wide variety of asphalt and coal tar based emulsions are formulated to your specifications. They can be custom blended to meet and exceed engineering standards. Our laboratory access constitutes the difference in the degree of professionalism over our competitors. This format allows for the standard sealer or a micro surface that renews and restores the pavement surface. Our experts can accommodate any budgeting prerequisites. All products are certified to be of the highest quality for your performance goals. Applications are completed with state of the art equipment. Our employees have background checks and work in a drug free environment. No job is commercially too big or small.


Our business has been associated with many first class organizations. We offer and furnish complete pavement maintenance and reconstruction services. As a general contractor we are able to accommodate. Therefore you don't have to manage a multitude of contracts to achieve your ultimate goal. One stop shopping in confidence. A short list of activities through affiliations includes MC-70 or MC 30 soil treatments, E-1 Prime dust palliatives, bituminous sealcoat (chip seal). Also replacement of concrete and asphalt surfaces and roadway pavement markings are packaged. Commercial repairs and rehabilitation on existing building components. Let our certified experts evaluate your needs or concerns. They have many years experience to demonstrate the most cost effective approach to your infrastructure problems. We would be happy to provide a cost free estimate for your consideration. The bottom line is the guarantee of workmanship and satisfactory completion as specified. You are one call away and your problems are over.